Hello Prospective Glider Pilot Students,

Finally, Rideau Valley soaring will be accepting new members as of this Saturday, July 10. Normally, students can show up at any time, but for the beginning, we will taking new students by appointment only. You can come either at 9 AM or after 12 PM, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. You should expect to be at the airfield for three to five hours in order to get registered and get two or possibly three flights.

At the airfield, we can accept cash, cheque or etransfer for payment. We cannot take debit or credit.

There are various membership rates, depending on your age or whether you go to school. See our Fees page for membership costs. Typically, a one year membership is $730 for adults. However, there is a reduced-cost half-year membership that applies to new members ($356 on 1st of August). You can join on August 1st -or- you could purchase the five-lesson package for $500 and begin your lessons immediately. You will be credited $200 towards the cost of your membership when you join in August.

We seek to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID19. In particular, we are concerned about the Delta variant and for this reason we currently require all members and visitors to be fully vaccinated (2 doses) and to provide proof of that vaccination status. Bring proof of vaccination to the airfield to show that you have been vaccinated against COVID19.

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 613-858-9646. Indicate your vaccinations status and which day you would like to come  (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, AM or PM. (Yes, we are operating each Monday for the season, weather permitting).

Note that at the airfield, you will be shown various ground activities and you will be expected to help with ground operations.