Each year, the three local gliding clubs (Montreal Soaring Council, Gatineau Gliding Club and Rideau Valley Soaring) participate in a friendly contest designed to encourage pilots to venture cross-country in the region.

A reminder will be circulated on the club email list each Thursday preceding a contest day.

Official Site

The Gatineau Gliding Club hosts the official Inter-club Contest site. Click here to visit.

Flights of interest from the Online Contest

This is a collection of notable Online Contest flights. In most cases, these are flights our members and made from Rideau Valley Airpark.

Display #
Title Created Date Hits
300km declared Diamond Distance - Tim Forbes 14 May 2013 2018
Best flight, 2012 - Mike Stieber 29 July 2012 2288
Triangle of determination - Carl Pottle 19 July 2012 2252
500+ km south-west to north-east -- Wolfgang Thiele / Dave Frank 29 July 2007 2147