Sylvain L. earns Diamond Goal in the LS4

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July 12 was not the easiest of days, but Sylvain L. managed to complete his declared task, flying the club's LS4 305 kms in 5h28m from Kars to Beaudette bridge, to Athens and returning home. A claim by the Official Observer (Tim) was filed with the SAC badge chairman and approved this week. Congratulations Sylvain.

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Zara G passed her GPL

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1st solo - Paul S.

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Congratulations to Paul S. who made his 1st solo glider flight on Sunday.Congratulations, Paul, on your 1st solo

George Domaradzki awarded Canadian Instructor of the Year

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The Soaring Association of Canada has given the 2013 Wlater Piercy award to George for Canadian Instructor of the Year. Here is what SAC says about the award.

The Walter Piercy Award was presented to the Association in 1964 by Walter Piercy, past chairman of the Instructors committee, to be awarded to an instructor who contributes to an outstanding year to his club. This award is won essentially for achieving the most instructing flights in the club in the year, adjusted for numbers of instructors in the club and numbers of instructing flights in the club. Contributions such as organization of cross country courses, ground school lectures, club offices held, and other club positions such as being in charge of aircraft maintenance also count toward this trophy. Club CFIs submit names annually to the Flight Training & Safety committee who select the winner.

 Everyone at Rideau Valley Soaring is very proud of George for earning this award. Congratulations George.

Carl P earns his FAI Silver badge

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From two separate flights, Carl earned his FAI Silver badge this season at RVSS. One flight qualified for distance and height-gain, the other for duration. The performances were recognized in the Fall 2013 edition of Free Flight magazine. This is a significant achievement for Carl and for the club, which has not minted a new Silver pilot for probably over 15 years. The FAI can take part of the blame/credit for this. Rules for Silver and Gold badges were recently changed, finally accepting GPS altitude from selective, inexpensive Flight Recorders - with an error margin - to be part of the claim.

Successful season of Solos and Flight Tests

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We have wrapped up another successful season of training. A number of student pilots progressed to Solo status or went further and passed their practical flight tests. Congratulations to them all, and to the volunteer instructors who showed them the way.

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