Introduction to Gliding

This flight offers a great way to experience the wonders of soaring. Before your flight, you will receive a brief explanation of the aircraft and its controls. Next, you will be met by a qualified pilot who will explain the flight and prepare you for takeoff. After you gently lift off the runway and float along behind the tow plane, the aircraft will climb above the Rideau River until reaching release altitude. At this point, the tow plane returns and the glider searches for lift or gently descends to the airfield. The view through the perspex canopy is uninterrupted and the only sound is the airflow. If you're lucky, you'll find a hawk and will be able to climb in the same thermal! Your flight will last approximately 25 minutes depending upon the weather.

Introductory flights are available on weekends and public holidays. Midweek introductory flights are sometimes available by special arrangement (contact Bring something to eat and drink and then join us at the picnic table for lunch. A hat and sunscreen are highly recommended. Insect repellent is a good idea at certain times of the year.

Introductory flights are coordinated with flight instruction or member use of club aircraft. It is therefore not possible to guarantee exact timing of flights.

An introductory flight is a great gift idea. You can order a Flight Certificate by following these simple instructions, or send a message to us for more details. Remember to include your telephone number. If you prefer, leave a message including your name and telephone number at 613-366-8208.

How to purchase

Choose the button (below) for your preferred payment option. The cost is $180.00 (taxes included).

  • Mail it

    Print this order form and mail it with your cheque or money order.


    Your certificate is returned by email or by Canada Post.

  • Use your credit card

    Purchase securely online using your credit card.

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    Your certificate is returned by email. *Please provide a personal message if this is a gift.

  • Pay in person

    Pay at the airfield by cash or cheque.

    Simply arrive at the airfield during normal flying hours and arrange your flight.

    Only cash and cheque are accepted at the airfield. ATM available in Kemptville.

    A certificate is not issued.

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Frequently asked questions

Please take a few moments to read the answers to these commonly asked questions. We are a club and provide service on a voluntary basis. Although we can almost always accommodate you, there have been exceptions caused by weather, illness or other factors. If you have questions that are not answered here, you can write to

Q1. How long is the flight?

About 25 minutes, but this depends a little on the weather. When conditions are favourable for soaring, we aim for a duration of 30 minutes. On a non-soaring day, the glider will descend in about 20 minutes, although it's unusual for that to occur.

Q2. Can I book a flight?

Answer: Introductory flights during normal club operating times occur on a first-come, first-served basis. Booking is not possible. Midweek introductory flights can be arranged.

Q3. What days may I take an introductory flight.

Answer: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, weather permitting. Special arrangements can be made for midweek flights. We suggest you call 613-366-8208 before you make the trip to the field. If we know you're coming, we can usually accommodate you better. Call back if no answer - do not leave a message.

Q4. What time should I arrive for a flight.

Answer: It's best to arrive before 10am or after 3:30pm on weekends and public holidays. If there is a backlog, it has usually cleared by later in the afternoon.

Q5. Can I take a longer flight?

Answer: We can't guarantee the weather will permit you to stay up for an extended period. We suggest that you purchase an additional flight if you want to fly longer. Besides, take-offs and landings are fun!

Q6. Is there a minimum/maximum weight to fly?

Answer: There is no minimum weight to fly from the back seat, however if you want to fly from the front seat you must be at least 121lbs (55kg). The maximum weight for either seat in our equipment is 242lbs (110kg).