Recruiting for the 2024 season.

The club trains pilots using The Soaring Association of Canada standards and is approved by Transport Canada for flight training and conducting practical pilot examinations.

We welcome new members whether or not you have flying experience. Every year, Rideau Valley Soaring trains pilots from a variety of backgrounds. Many members have no prior experience, while others are holders of private or commercial licences. You might be an Air Cadet, a former glider pilot, a power pilot seeking relief from the high costs of flying, or someone considering a glider pilots licence as a stepping-stone to a power licence. Whatever your reason, our club can offer you training and our wait times are frequently shorter than what you might find elsewhere.

If you hold a current glider pilot rating, Rideau Valley Soaring offers a fleet of club aircraft for you to fly, or you are welcome to operate your privately owned glider from our field.

  • Air cadets.

    Rideau Valley Soaring welcomes past and present members of the Air Cadets. A number of our members have been involved with the Air Cadets in various roles over the years. Air Cadets are usually able to quickly transition to fly solo in our club aircraft, and can progress to cross-country training if desired. Drop by our airfield with your student or pilot log books and ask an instructor for a review.
  • Tow pilots

    We are often looking for new tow pilots to fly our Citabria. To qualify as a tow pilot, you need to have tail-dragger experience and be checked-out by our chief tow-pilot. Tow pilots are rostered for duty each day of regular operation. The schedule is compiled twice per season, so there is always time for you to work on your qualifications! If you are interested in flying as a tow-pilot at Rideau Valley Soaring, please send a message to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 613-366-8208.
  • Power pilot conversion

    If you are a power pilot, you may be considering learning to soar for any number of good reasons. The costs of soaring per-hour are far lower than the costs of operating a powered aircraft. Soaring will challenge you with a range of new skills to master. The airmanship required of glider pilots is very high, so learing to soar should be considered a progressive step on your aviation path. There is also the option of competition flying each season if you are looking for a real test.

How to join

Come out to the airfield during regular hours and talk to one of our members. We can give you any detailed information you need before you join. We will provide a membership application form and a waiver to sign. If you're ready to start immediately, bring your payment and start flying the same day!

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