Lake Placid Soaring Camp 2013

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Per Bob Katz of MSC...

The 2013 Lake Placid Mountain and Wave Soaring camp will be kicking off Saturday the 28th of September and running to Sunday the 27th of October. We will operate every weekend. In addition we will operate from the 28th of Sept. to Oct. 14 straight. The ritualistic sacrafice (youtube post to follow) has already been made to the Wave Gods, and we antcipate a return. Fun in the air and while on the ground. Come join the party.



2013 RVSS/SAC Bursary for youth and student members

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Flying moneyRideau Valley Soaring and SAC are offering a combined $2000 for qualified youth and student pilots.

A call to Air Cadets

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Late in July and thoughout August every year, RVS receives inquiries from young people seeking to continue the flight training begun with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

New trailer for the Grob

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In partnership with Algonquin College, a new trailer for our Grob 103 has been built.

Youth bursary payments

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The directors approved three applications for the 2012 SAC/RVSS Youth Bursary program.

New glider

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A new club glider has arrived. The LS-4 was imported from the USA and, after much effort, has passed the Transport Canada citizenship exam. C-GPZQ was taken on a two hour test flight by the CFI on July 7. With some luck, the trailer might soon arrive!

LS4 trailer arrival

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The LS4 trailer was admitted to Canada. Paul's inspection revealed a weakness at the rear-left floor corner which he repaired. The trailer was taken to be weighed by Tim and George and an Ontario plate was issued. The trailer is now providing shelter to our new LS4.

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